Arts & Entertainment Knowledge Bank

Arts & Entertainment Knowledge Bank

Working with Young People in the Arts

Are you doing enough to safeguard the young people your organization works with? Check out our 16-point checklist.
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How to...Avoid Cancellation Blunders

Bad weather, poor sales, headliner no shows are all reasons why some of the biggest festivals have had to cancel. Follow our advice and make sure you don't become one of them.

Arts & Entertainment Brochure

Specialist insurance for Arts & Entertaiment.
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Hiring Equipment

Tips for hiring equipment in entertainment and the arts. Make sure you're covered.

Deliver what your competitors don't. Expert relationships

Helping your clients connect with the right insurance advice is a great way to add value to your existing relationship.
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Understanding your Contract Clauses

Do you know your hold harmless from your subrogation? If not we have the document for you, don't be caught out by terms you don't understand.

The La Playa Culture

Beach Life. At La Playa we feel our culture is really important to us. It sets us apart from other workplaces.
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4 Tips to Stay Safer in the Cloud

Your data may be in the cloud but your risks are fully grounded, make sure your cloud has the silver lining to protect against those rainy days.

Fraud at Work

Despite the best recruitment practices, bad apples can and do get into the cart. Fraud in the workplace manifests itself in various ways, should you be concerned?

How to...Get Your Travel Insurance Claims Paid

Make sure your insurance really delivers when you need it to.

Young Voices Case Study

'You actually make insurance as much of a pleasure as it can be rather than a chore!'
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Musicians' guide to noise and hearing

Advice form the BBC. Whatever the state of your hearing, the message is the same: you must look after your ears. For you as a musician they are your most important tools of the trade, and your hearing health is vital to your quality of life. This guide was written by Ruth Hansford, BBC Safety.
Musicians_guide_to_noise_and_hearing.pdf PDF Document

Cyber Liability Insurance

Open for business online? Then you`re vulnerable. Globally. The convergence of technology, media and telecommunications means your business can connect with much wider markets for your goods and services than previously thought possible. But with new technology comes new risk. . .
Cyber_Liability_Insurance.pdf PDF Document

“I just love it that you are all in the loop of what we are doing.”

Cathy H, Artichoke


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Specialist & Independent

Specialist & Independent

The arts present a very specific set of risk exposures – and now your digital and online risks can expose you globally. We understand the risks and pressures you face - and we speak your language. We’ll support you with great advice - helping you make good decisions for your organization.

Our policies can help streamline costs, and we’ll always help you stay ahead of the game in managing risk. The show must always go on - insurance isn’t just about processing a claim, it’s about thinking laterally to solve challenges and problems fast.

At La Playa, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers; in fact, La Playa founded the first ever corporate art collective!

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