Product Recall Insurance

Product Recall Insurance

Product Recall Insurance - for when it all goes horribly wrong…

Nobody plans to fail, but it’s sensible to plan for a crisis. When the worst happens, you may have to withdraw a product that has the potential to cause injury or damage.

What if...

  • You incur hefty expenses in the withdrawal process? - particularly hard for SMEs to withstand
  • You have to find resource and funds for retrieval operations?
  • You have to craft delicate and accurate communications with your customers?

Any one of these factors can have a big impact on a business's income.

Product recall Insurance plays an important role in mitigating these costs, helping you manage the PR/brand fallout and protecting your bottom line.

Cover can include:

  • Product recall costs
  • Additional coverage for consultancy fees
  • Consequential Loss
  • Rehabilitation costs

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About La Playa Science & Technology

Specialist & Independent

Specialist & Independent

La Playa's specialist Science & Tech team can help you protect your business with smart, flexible, high-performance insurance - with a friendly human UI. We understand the risks and pressures you face - and we speak your language.  We’ll support you with great advice - helping you make good decisions for your business. 

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Tech-based business is 24/7, global and borderless, always exposing you to new risks and liabilities - often in unfamiliar places. As the law struggles to keep pace with technology, insurance can provide a real safety net if you fall foul of changing legislation.

  • Specialist insurance for science and technology
  • Independent professional advice
  • Relationship-based service: right beside you when you make a claim
  • “Can do” culture
  • Seamless insurance across US and UK
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