Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

Travel & Personal Accident Insurance

Every business should protect its most valuable asset: its people. So why not offer them the best possible protection?

What if?

your artistic director falls ill abroad, just days before he was due to sign a major new contract to show your company’s production? How do you take care of your valuable employee and still secure the contract?

4 reasons why you shouldn't be without Business Travel and Personal Accident Coverage:  

  1. Expansion and touring: with international expansion comes more overseas travel by staff. It’s essential to carry insurance against travel contingencies – lost baggage, cancellation, illness & accident.
  2. Instant support & rapid settlement: with access to 24/7 assistance services in case of emergency, your staff can access policy benefits instantly from anywhere in the world.
  3. Recruiting the best staff: you can ‘ramp up’ cover for your senior staff, differentiating your benefits package and helping you to attract and retain the best talent.
  4. Business as usual: with Personal Accident lump sum payments made directly to the business, you can use the money as you wish – for recruitment, an interim replacement or changes to the workplace to accommodate a disabled employee.

It's also worth considering Kidnap & Ransom Insurance: your staff might be prepared for language barriers, exotic customs and diverse negotiating styles. But they cannot predict political upheaval and the danger of abduction or extortion. Kidnap & Ransom Insurance covers the costs in the event of a kidnapping, ransom or extortion threat, and professional assistance in a hostage situation or crisis resolution.

Case Studies

Case Studies

A director travelled to Malaysia on business. While he was there, an explosion occurred at his accommodation; this resulted in him suffering 48% burns to his head, face, arms and back. Due to the severity of his injuries two family members were flown out to be with the claimant. Following his admission to hospital the claimant passed away due to the injuries suffered from the accident. His insurance was for Personal Accident and Business Travel, and a claim was paid for the appropriate benefits under the Personal Accident policy, plus costs incurred under the Medical section, including the travel, sustenance and accommodation expenses of the two relatives. Additionally, the Personal Effects that were destroyed in the explosion were also paid for.
Total claim: $975,000

An employee was rendered paraplegic after a horrific car accident. Contact was made with his consultant to determine if the condition was permanent. As soon as this was established, the claim was settled for the permanent total disablement benefit, payable under the policy.
Total claim: $325,000

An employee travelled to Spain; whilst walking out one evening she was run over and tragically, she passed away. Due to the circumstances of the incident her parents travelled out to Spain. Her Personal Accident insurance paid out full benefits, and the travel, sustenance and accommodation expenses of her parents. Under the Business Travel section of the policy this also provided cover for Legal Expenses to pursue a claim against a third party who had caused bodily injury. This was pursued and was successful in claiming damages from the responsible third party.
Total claim: $140,000

An employee was injured in a terrorist attack. She suffered permanent partial injuries, but the precise nature of such injuries would normally take some time to establish. In order to provide a quick resolution, the nature of her injuries were determined as soon as possible in liaison with the consultants and the Insurer was able to make an earlier offer to help her move on with her life.
Total claim: $120,000

*Claims provided by Chubb Insurance

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Travel And Personal Accident

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