Cyber Risks Insurance

Cyber Risks Insurance

Technology has helped fine arts organizations build brand and communicate on a vast scale, even on tight budgets. But with new technology comes new risk: from a simple website to using social media through to selling artwork, fine arts organizations need to be aware that their day to day activities online expose them to risk in every country on the planet. And yet many are still without Cyber Liability Insurance...

Traditionally beyond the reach of many arts sector budgets, La Playa’s new Cyber Liability policy provides the solution to potential Cyber Risks.

“You wouldn’t hesitate to buy liability insurance or protection for your venue or equipment – so it makes good business sense to protect yourself in cyberspace, where you’re exposed to risk on a global basis,” says La Playa’s expert, Tracey McCreath. “From laws you've never heard of to hackers, data protection issues and a plethora of copyright material to avoid – Cyber Liability insurance is a must for any business these days, and the arts need to get protected. Cost should no longer be an issue."

What if…

…your website was attacked by a virus?
…one of your employees made a defamatory statement on social media? were responsible for a data breach if your employee’s laptop was stolen?

If you have an online presence and are using social media, then you’re vulnerable. Globally. Content, data, intellectual property and defamation – all present major risks. It’s important to work with an insurance broker who really understands the art world and can support you with expert advice and specialist insurance.

Coverage can include:

Protection against costs, expenses and liability arising from the following Cyber Risks:

  • Breach of Privacy or Confidentiality – critical defence against your liability for violation of privacy rights or breach of confidential information
  • Data Breach Costs – we’ll reimburse your costs incurred in dealing with a regulatory investigation, including post-breach costs such as legal, PR & crisis management expenses, customer notifications, credit monitoring and identity theft monitoring costs, and network forensics
  • Regulatory Fines or Contractual Damages – to reimburse sums you’re legally obliged to pay as a direct result of a breach of privacy law or contractual obligation, including PCI-DSS penalties
  • Cyber Liability – your liability for customer/user financial loss or denial of access
  • Business Interruption – for your lost income as a result of viruses, network failure or damage, hacking or cyber-crime causing ‘down-time’
  • Data Extortion – protection against the threat of extortion as the result of the theft of data or damage to your computer network
  • Problems with an outsourcer - we’ll help build protection wherever you face loss or liability, and wherever it arises in your supply chain – including cloud providers & overseas data processors

Case Study

An arts venue had malicious coding inserted into their files from an outside virus attack with the aim of infecting every visitor to their website - despite having suitable firewalls in place. On discovery, the website had to be closed down, a temporary site built – and months later, a permanent one. The costs of the investigation, the temporary and permanent new websites amounted to around $15,000. With no Cyber Insurance in place, this was a significant hit to the venue’s finances.

Download: 5 Reasons Art Collectors Need Specialist Insurance PDF Document

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Specialist & Independent

Our in-depth understanding of the unique risk exposures in the art world means we speak your language - and we can save you time and hassle in the event of a claim. Our expertise is backed up with efficient and highly personal service and our wealth of experience spans over 50 years.

Whatever your specialism, we’ll take a creative and innovative approach to structuring your Fine Arts insurance programme and select for you an insurer who demonstrates understanding and experience of your field.  We’ll support you with great advice - helping you manage your risks and make good decisions to protect your organization or collection. 

At La Playa, we’re passionate about the arts and creative industries – many of us are practitioners and active consumers; in fact, La Playa founded the first ever corporate art collective.

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