How to Avoid the Top 6 Cancellation Blunders

How to Avoid the Top 6 Cancellation Blunders

If you’re planning an event in the run up to the festive season you could be exposed, financially. Bad weather, illness and delay become more prevalent as the nights draw in and the temperature drops. Some of the big name festivals cancelled this year including, Bloc Festival, The Big Chill, Sonisphere and the Hit Factory Live due to the sodden weather over the summer, so it can only get worse in the winter months. We unearth 6 of the biggest reasons for event cancellation below, to help you identify if your bottom line is at risk.

If the word ‘cancelled’ brings you out in a cold sweat then you should be trying to mitigate your biggest risk exposures. You can use our question set to determine where your biggest risks lie, and if you should be thinking about Cancellation Insurance.

Could any of the following have financial implications for you?

  1. Travel: are you planning an event featuring a named artist or speaker. Could you be affected by their travel delays?
  2. Non-appearance: what would be the cost to you if your speaker or named artist were unable to appear?
  3. Bad Weather: could you be affected by bad weather i.e. snow?
  4. Ticket Refunds: would you need to refund tickets? If you’re using a ticket seller most require proof of cancellation insurance.
  5. Additional cost of cancelling an event: if you have to refund 1,000 tickets how much would this cost you to administer?
  6. Illness: Illness of an artist you manage?

If you answered yes to one or more questions you should be thinking of ways to protect your income streams.

Cancellation cover replaces lost revenue and reimburses expenditure incurred from an event which is necessarily and unavoidably postponed, abandoned, cancelled, curtailed or relocated in circumstances beyond your control. For artist managers, it can protect commission income streams for high-earning performers. Plus if you buy well in advance (and before the horrific weather sets in) you will secure better rates, 3 months if you can but 14 days as a minimum.

Case Studies

Fog causes flight delays. A major national orchestra was stranded at Heathrow airport due to fog. Cancelling the first date of the tour would be both disappointing and extremely costly. We negotiated for the insurer to charter a private plane to get the orchestra to the venue - in fact this was a lower cost option for the insurer!

Snow! Several touring performing arts clients were recently affected by snow whilst travelling to performances in Europe. Eurostar was particularly affected and we were on hand to talk clients through this and provide the necessary advice and peace of mind.  Most of them did make their performances on time, but a small number had to cancel.  This situation would not be covered by Business Interruption Insurance - separate Cancellation Insurance would be needed to cover lost fees and ticket refunds. Cancellation Insurance gives peace of mind that your income stream is protected.

Equipment failure. Another artist was unable to perform due to the failure of mechanical staging at the venue. Depending on their contract terms, they may have lost their fee or if a self-promoted event, have lost their income and had to refund ticket sales, leaving a gaping hole in their budget.

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