Major Art Thefts Earn Headlines Around the World

Two major art thefts – one in Sweden and one in the United States – earned top headlines around the world.


Cyber Attack Breaks Supply Chain and Impacts Revenue for iPhone Chip Maker

Is every link in your supply chain protected with Cyber Insurance?


Risk in the arts: Royal Winnipeg Ballet Named in Proposed Class-Action Lawsuit

An instructor and photographer working for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet has been named in a proposed class-action lawsuit that has just been approved by a Canadian judge, and the plaintiffs will likely also name the ballet company as a defendant.


A Safety Net

Insurance has responded to changes in the clinical trials landscape, and has evolved in many ways to perform in a crisis. An article written by Hanna Beaumont, Director of Science & Technology. This article is taken from International Clinical Trials September 2018, pages 48-50. © Samedan Ltd


The 10 Reasons You Need Specialist Insurance Advice in Children’s Media

Remember the old song that starts out, “I believe the children are the future?” Nothing could be more true than when it comes to the future of media. Media producers are increasingly targeting today’s children: some do so for the joy of creating innovative material for a youthful market, while others do so with full knowledge that they represent an enormous consumer market, both now and in the future.


Social media blamed for more and more theft involving high value assets.

A Philadelphia resident’s home was broken into by robbers specifically asking for jewelry. A critically-acclaimed actress’ Oscar dress, purportedly sewn with thousands of dollars worth of pearls, is stolen from her hotel room. Millions of dollars’ worth of rare Indian jewels are stolen from an exhibition at the Palazzo Ducale in Venice. What do the three thefts have in common?


Media Companies Confront Pricey Copyright Lawsuits For Unauthorized Use of Photographs

In the days before the Internet, newspapers and magazines automatically contacted and paid photographers or their agencies for the use of their images: without doing so, they would not have access to their photographs.


Diamonds and Old Masters: Jane Byde on brokering and insuring fine art

Diamonds and Old Masters: Jane Byde on brokering and insuring fine art for Vardags


The Unique Cyber Risks Facing Children of Affluent Families

Children's online activities not only have implications for cyber security but can also create liability exposures.


As Art Interest Rises, So Does Value and Risk

With the art world greeting a new generation of buyers, the selling prices on art have begun to reach new highs.


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