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Sometimes just paying the claim isn’t enough - lateral thinking and swift action are crucial in the performing arts. A major national orchestra was stranded at Heathrow airport due to fog. Cancelling the first date of the tour would be both disappointing and extremely costly. We negotiated for the insurer to charter a private plane to get the orchestra to the venue - in fact this was a lower cost option for the insurer!

Several orchestra clients were recently affected by snow whilst travelling to performances in Europe. The Eurostar train service was particularly affected and we were on hand to talk clients through this and provide the necessary advice and peace of mind.  Most of the orchestras did make their performances on time, but a small number had to cancel.  In this situation, Performance Interruption coverage included in the Performing Arts Portfolio policy would not have covered lost fees and ticket refunds as it only functions when there’s damage to equipment or the venue.  Only a separate Contingency policy would have covered the fees. Contingency Insurance gives peace of mind that your income stream is protected - and let’s face it, orchestral managers need all the peace of mind they can get!

Equipment failure

Another orchestra cancelled a concert due to the failure of mechanical staging. Had this been a self-presented event, they would have lost their income and had to refund ticket sales, leaving a gaping hole in their budget.


An orchestra had instruments stolen from the orchestra truck.  Most standard policies would leave you high and dry – they exclude equipment left in vehicles overnight; but our Performing Arts Portfolio policy provides coverage for this.

Natural disasters

The recent volcanic activity over Iceland left many orchestras stranded and unable to get to performances in Europe.  It’s vital to make sure you have the right travel and contingency policies in place - including coverage for travel disruption and for fees lost if you were unable to get to the performance.

Climate change

Climate change is causing a major increase in flooding and other weather changes – again bringing Contingency Insurance into focus.  

Contractual liabilities

With venues now requiring artists to have their own General Liability coverage and attempting to offload as much liability as possible, it’s important to read through the contracts carefully.  In some cases the handing off of liability is unreasonable - don’t take on risks over which you have no control!

Health & Safety

Our increasingly litigious society has seen liability rates rising significantly over recent years due to increased numbers of claims and escalating settlement costs. Health & Safety has become much more important and all performing arts organizations need to ensure the safety of players and audiences.

Without the right H&S policies and procedures, insurance policies may be invalid. This is an area where it’s not just about the quality of the coverage provided – but also about the quality of advice. Another good reason to work with a broker who understands your work and has a handle on the real risks involved!

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