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Fine Arts Insurance

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Welcome to La Playa's specialist Fine Arts insurance group. We offer the very best in insurance cover for art collectors, galleries, art dealers, restorers, valuers, antiques dealers and music instrument makers and dealers.

We’re passionate about art and about preserving our cultural heritage for generations to come – protecting it with the very best risk management and insurance coverage available. 

5 Reasons art and instrument collectors need specialist insurance:

Standard insurance is based on historical statistics. If your home and contents don't fit with “national average” profiles, you could find yourself:

1. Paying too much: many specialist insurers offer lower rates for higher value assets. Despite the headlines, art and instrument theft is rare – and rates reflect this; most claims are for accidental damage.

2. Seriously under-insured: with a specialist policy comes an invaluable appraisal – to help avoid the danger of your sums insured being wrong. How can you be expected to follow fast-moving trends in fine art and instrument values – contemporary art has skyrocketed; but it could bomb tomorrow... Specialist policies will honor changes if you have a current valuation. 

3. Glass half empty: a standard policy may not include “pairs and sets” coverage – so if you lose/damage one of a set, the claim covers replacement of the full set.

4. Facing limited options on replacement after a theft: it’s not easy to “replace” art and fine instruments. Specialist policies offer a full cash settlement so that you can choose not to replace, or source through your own supplier.  Though art and instruments are rarely stolen, these policies provide cover for full replacement cost so you can buy from a gallery dealer rather than being stuck with Fair Market Value (what you would pay at auction).

5. Out of pocket: even after repairs, damaged art and instruments may lose value: specialist policies will reimburse the difference. 

Advice you can trust from an expert who understands you:

  • Specialist, customized insurance
  • Independent professional advice
  • “Can do” culture
  • Relationship-based service: your advocate during claim
  • Seamless insurance across the US and the UK

To find out more, please fill in the Contact Form below or email our specialist adviser Mark Boon.

Mark Boon ACII

Mark Boon ACII


Talk to me on
646 665 7737
Fine Art Insurance

From running free-to-attend information sessions to making themselves available for calls and queries, the team at La Playa has been nothing but friendly, helpful and supportive to our members. The team`s approachable, straight-forward manner and experience in the creative industries makes them a pleasure to work with.
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