The Unique Cyber Risks Facing Children of Affluent Families

Children's online activities not only have implications for cyber security but can also create liability exposures.


As Art Interest Rises, So Does Value and Risk

With the art world greeting a new generation of buyers, the selling prices on art have begun to reach new highs.


Making Sure that Your Fine Art Insurance Works for You

Your fine art and collectibles are more than just an investment. They are a representation of your values and passions, and an essential part of your legacy.


Cybercrime Report Shows Attacks Becoming More Sophisticated - are you protected from the financial hit?

An annual report published by Trustwave, a Chicago-based information security company, reveals an increasingly sophisticated level of attack being perpetrated on carefully selected targets.


Ransomware and Cryptocurrency Crime Plaguing Privately Owned Businesses

As cryptocurrencies are becoming more popular, bad actors are pursuing organizations from SMEs to governments, in the United States and abroad.


Business Risk in Cryptocurrency

As a young business pioneering in cryptocurrency, it's vital that you can reassure your investors and stakeholders that your business - and their cash - has the best possible financial protection. But, while insurance for Fintech businesses is increasingly available, insurance for Cryptocurrency businesses can be less easy to secure.


Working with Young People Means Protecting Them, As Well As Your Organization

A $2.5 Million judgement was recently entered against a Minnesota children's theater company teacher accused of sexual abuse against a student over thirty years ago.


Optimizing Your Insurance Claim

Purchasing an insurance policy is an expensive necessity that most don't appreciate until the day that it's needed.


Frozen's "Let it Go" Subject of Multiple $250 Million Lawsuits

Disney's Frozen is one of the highest grossing films of all time, and there are plenty of people who would like to share in the almost $1.3 billion in profits that the film has made so far.


Illicit Cryptomining is the Next Cyber Concern

Just when you thought that ransomware was your top security concern comes news of an even more insidious threat - and it's one that can shut down your business with no warning at all.


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